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Helical Piers and Anchoring

At Baker Construction NJ, we are skilled in the engineering, repair and restoration of industrial and commercial building foundations. With that in mind, our experienced tradesmen are trained, certified installers of IDEAL Helical Piers and Anchors, which prevent foundation settling and transfer structural loads to deeper, more stable soil.

Designed as a deep foundation support, helical piers are often installed in place of driven piles, mini piles or drilled piers.

Benefits of helical units include:

  • Cost-effective, efficient installation requiring minimal support equipment (even in limited access areas)
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • Versatile load flexibility (up to 400 tons)
  • Temporary installation for short-term applications
  • Flexible installation angle
  • Simple, low-cost removal or relocation
  • Innovative solutions for difficult foundation problems

Saving NJ and Pennsylvania businesses the cost of excavation and extensive foundation repair, Baker Construction NJ utilizes helical piles to restrict foundation movement, limit structural damage and safely support required loads.

To learn more about helical pier systems or determine whether helical piles are an option for your commercial project, call Baker Construction NJ at 908-782-2115 today!